BERC-Luso Newsletter

The BERC-Luso project publishes a monthly Newsletter in digital format that disseminates general interest news related to this project and is sent to all the institutions and personalities directly involved in the project. The newsletter is also available here on this website.

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Newsletter 33

July 2021

WEBINAR CEIC - Case Analysis; Internship in Lisbon - September 2021

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Newsletter 32

May 2021

BERC-Luso in African-European Symposium: Challenges in Research Ethics Assessment

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Newsletter 31

April 2021

Webinar “Patents: Intellectual Property vs Public Health

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Newsletter 30

Mars 2021

Biomedical Ethics and Regulatory Capacity Building: International Dialogues

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Newsletter 29

February 2021

Webinar ”Legislative and Institutional Impact of BERC-Luso in the PALOP countries”/ BERC-Luso and LIberHetica hold a meeting on 26th March/ Ivermectina in the treatment of coronavirus.

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Newsletter 28

January 2021

BERC-Luso Coordination meets with the partner countries

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Newsletter 27

December 2020

Covid-19 vaccines/ Event of the year/ Christmas message

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Newsletter 26

November 2020

BERC-Luso webinars/ BERC-Luso Project and the globalization of PALOP/ BERC-Luso and LIBERHETICA meet by zoom

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Newsletter 25

October 2020

Achievements and challenges of BERC-Luso partners/ 4th webinar/ Methods and procedures for the development and approval of COVID-19 vaccines

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Newsletter 24

September 2020

4th webinar/ Online meeting with the trainees/  Online meeting with the Minister of Health of São Tomé and Príncipe

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Newsletter 23

August 2020

Hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine in the treatment of COVID-19 / 3rd webinar / RDP Africa / BERC-Luso Video Library

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Newsletter 22

July 2020

2nd Online Discussion Forum/ Sao Tome and Principe has been testing COVID-19 since June 24 / Serological Tests

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Newsletter 21

June 2020

2nd Online Discussion Forum/Diagnostic Tests for SARS-Cov-2 Infection/Dexamethasone Clinical Trials

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Newsletter 20

May 2020

Discussion forum "International best practices in pandemic time” / Clinical studies for Covid-19: Remdesivir and Hydroxychloroquine

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Newsletter 19

April 2020

Clinical trials/ Measures implemented to combat covid-19

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Newsletter 18

March 2020

Testimony of participants in the training / Impact of COVID-19 in clinical trials/ Clinical trials on coronavírus

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Newsletter 17

February 2020

Overall course evaluation

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Newsletter 16

January 2020

Educational programme in Cape Verde/WHO and UNESCO/ Clinical trials in Portugal.

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Newsletter 15

December 2019

Official submission of Sao Tome and Principe/ Training work package

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Newsletter 14

November 2019

Audience of BERC-Luso Coordination with São Tomé and Príncipe Ambassador /Educational Programme in Cape Verde/ Message from the Director-General of the National Institute for Health Research

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Newsletter 13

October 2019

Educational Programme in Cape Verde / 1st year of activities / Presentation of the new assistant

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Newsletter 12

September 2019

BERC-Luso Participates in the 79th World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences / Message from the National Director of Pharmacy of the Republic of Mozambique, Dr. Tânia Sitoe

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Newsletter 11

August 2019

BERC-Luso Project Official Website / Special Report on the BERC-Luso Project in the Portuguese Pharmaceutical Society Magazine / Presidents of INFARMED and ERIS

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Newsletter 10

July 2019

Video report on the BERC-Luso Symposium “International Best Practices in Clinical Research: A Partnership with Portuguese-Speaking African Countries” / Symposium photo gallery now available on the official project website

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Newsletter 9

June 2019

Workshop for the BERC-Luso Project Legal Advisors: “International Best Practices in Biomedical Research: Ethical and Legal Requirements” / BERC-Luso Symposium “International Best Practices in Clinical Research: A Partnership with Portuguese-Speaking African Countries”

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Newsletter 8

May 2019

Program of the BERC-Luso Symposium / Workshop: “International Best Practices in Biomedical Research: Ethical and Legal Requirements”

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Newsletter 7

April 2019

Message from the Angolan Ambassador to Portugal, Carlos Carvalho Fonseca / Message from the President of the Clinical Research Ethics Committee (CEIC), Alexandre Quintanilha / News story: “Draft Legislation to Align the National Regulation of Clinical Trials with the European Regulation”

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Newsletter 6

March 2019

Registration opens for the BERC-Luso Symposium / Audience of the BERC-Luso Coordination Team with the Embassy of São Tomé and Príncipe / News story: “INFARMED hosts technical visit of representatives of the Mozambique General Health Inspection” / Condolences of the BERC-Luso Project to Mozambique for the victims of the Idai Cyclone

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Newsletter 5

February 2019

Message from the Ambassador of Mozambique to Portugal, Joaquim Bule / Message from the Embassy of Guinea-Bissau in Portugal, Diplomat Bacar Sanhá / Meeting with Advisers from the Embassies of Angola and Cape Verde.

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Newsletter 4

January 2019

Audience of the Coordination Team with the Ambassadors of the BERC-Luso Partner Countries / Message from the Ambassador of Cape Verde to Portugal, Eurico Correia Monteiro / Introduction of the BERC-Luso Team of Partner Legal Counsels

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Newsletter 3

December 2018

Message from the Portuguese Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Manuel Heitor

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Newsletter 2

November 2018

First Meeting of the Executive Board / News story: “Portugal advocates strengthening program for clinical trials in sub-Saharan Africa” / Posters of the BERC-Luso Project at the 9th EDCTP Forum and at the 13th World Congress of Pharmacists from Portuguese-speaking Countries / 1st WHO Africa Health Forum

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Newsletter 1

October 2018

Overview of the BERC-Luso Project / Welcome Message from the Coordinator / Organizational Chart and Overall Project Planning

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